Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters, Sula Vineyards Launch ‘Cold Coffee Brew’ In Indian Market


In a first of its kind process innovation, Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters have introduced in the Indian market a ‘cold coffee brew’ in association with Sula Vineyards. The promoters of the brew claim that it is a heavy body rich brew, with low acidity, and pronounced winey red fruit sweetness.

Namrata Asthana, co-founder of Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters told FE that selected beans were poured into barrels used for fermenting Sula’s red wine, and left for a few months to absorb the remnants of last year’s batch.

She added that her company is is quite experimental and tries to find new ways of highlighting the potential of specialty coffee.

On being asked why wine, Asthana replied that some of the experimental barrel processed coffees can be overpowering with heavy rum flavours. “A few coffee farms in other countries have experimented with ageing their raw green beans in rum or whiskey barrels, but we have never heard of wine barrels being done before, so we thought that wine is a perfect match.”

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