Ethiopia’s Coffee Is Highly Competitive, Says Inter-Africa Coffee Organization Secretary General

Ethiopia’s coffee industry is highly competitive due to its high premium and global reputation. The country’s 50% local consumption is an advantage for Ethiopian coffee, as it competes with both domestic and international markets. This allows Ethiopia to have one of the highest per capita consumption in Africa, as 50% of the coffee is consumed by the local population.

The African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) is significant for promoting inter-regional trade between coffee producing and consuming countries, creating opportunities for Ethiopia to export coffee directly to North Africa without traveling across the Mediterranean. This presents a huge opportunity for the Inter-Africa Africa Coffee Organization (IACO) to provide new markets on the continent.

North Africa has one of the highest per capita coffee consumption, with countries like Tunisia and Egypt consuming a lot. However, most sub-Saharan and southern African countries still have low coffee consumption.

The transformation of the African coffee sector requires a unified approach, with all stakeholders united under one platform. The African Coffee Week in Addis Ababa aims to bring together stakeholders to explore challenges and opportunities in the coffee sector and strategize for transformation.

The First African Coffee Week in Addis Ababa is a momentous event to elevate African coffee to new heights. In Ethiopia, about 20 million people deal directly or indirectly in transporting, trading, processing, roasting, and exporting coffee, as well as in various activities along the value chain.

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