Northern Kentucky’s Unataza Coffee And Rüya Collaborate On Special International Women’s Day Pop-Up


Turkish coffee pop-up Rüya is partnering with Dayton, Kentucky’s Honduran cafe Unataza Coffee on a special International Women’s Day event.

The collaboration celebrates the strong immigrant women in the Cincinnati community by offering a taste of each of the owners’ home countries and a connection through coffee.

“Cup by cup, conversation by conversation, we both work to change the immigrant narrative in America with storytelling and cultural coffee experiences,” says Rüya owner Melis Aydogan in an email.

The event will be led by both Alejandra Flores of Unataza and Aydogan of Rüya, as well as Aydogan’s mother, Ayse, who was the inspiration behind her business.

Tickets cost $30 and include Turkish coffee, fortune telling from coffee grounds (a 500-year-old Turkish tradition) and a pastry.

Flores opened Unataza Coffee as a way to bring together two of the places she loves most: her new home in Northern Kentucky, and her native country of Honduras, which she moved from in 2010. After noticing the Cincinnati area’s increasing interest in coffee, and Honduras emerging as a leading coffee producer, the connection was made. She began facilitating coffee origin trips to Honduras and eventually, after several years as a coffee pop-up, Flores opened up a brick-and-mortar in Dayton, Kentucky in 2019.

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