Kona Coffee Farmers Favor 100% Labeling Rule

From: hawaiibusiness.com

These farmers want the Kona name to be reserved only for 100% Kona coffee.

The coffee aisle at the KTA Super Store in Kailua-Kona looks a lot like the one in your supermarket.

Your aisle contains many brands that bank on the global reputation of Kona coffee, with names like “Kona Gold,” “Royal Kona” and “Kona Blend.” And without studying the label, you might not realize they contain only 10% Kona coffee mixed in with cheaper non-Hawaiian coffee.

Farmers Terry and Susan Fitzgerald consider this coffee fraud. The owners of Da’Kine Coffee used to sell their 100% Kona coffee in the KTA store. But because it sold for a few dollars more per pound than the Kona blends, sales were low and they pulled their product.

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