Colombian Coffee Farmers, Basking Ridge Family Expand To Open 2nd Shop

Ridge High School senior Natalie Ramirez Porras is passionate about growing and harvesting coffee beans from the Colombian mountains. Her family has been involved in the coffee business for six generations, starting with her father Arley “Gazapera” Ramirez who took over Rey Sol Coffee Farms in 1966. The sisters, Linda Valentina and Johanna Porras, have been involved in the farm since four years, selling their coffee beans to friends and online before opening their first shop in August 2020.

Rey Sol Coffee offers a variety of light and medium roasts, with their main barista Jorge being nationally known for his note-tasting skills. He has helped create coffee mixtures infused with ingredients such as whiskey, rum, Portovino, and more. The beans are soaked in a barrel for five months, allowing the alcohol to evaporate, leaving only the notes and flavors.

Porras and her family are also passionate about sharing their Latin culture and breaking language barriers through coffee. She plans to continue in her family business after graduation and believes that the coffee industry brings people together, regardless of their language.

Porras is currently a senior at Ridge High School and plans to continue in her family business after graduation. She loves the community it brings and the ability to break language barriers through coffee.

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