Coffee and Coronavirus: A World of Difference


In the pastoral village of Santa María de Dota, not far from the Costa Rican coffee producing region of Tarrazú, coffee is everything. It directs all aspects of life: the economy, the cultural and social fabric, and the health of the environment. CoopeDota, the pillar of the community, plays a vital role in the lives of most residents. One only needs to visit Dota in the picking season to gain an appreciation of the extent of the activity surrounding the cooperative: farmers transporting truckloads of coffee cherries to the mill for processing, Nicaraguan workers walking from one field to another to ensure they have not forgotten any ripe fruit on the coffee bushes, indigenous Ngobe families from the Panamanian border frequenting establishments in town after a hard day’s work in the fields. This region is endowed with all the essential components to grow the finest coffee in the entire country. Dota coffee is increasingly sought after in the international market for its flavor as much as for the conditions under which it is produced. Year after year, this award-winning coffee is highly prized by connoisseurs the world over.

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