HONOLULU Staff Picks Hawai‘i Favorites: Big Island Coffee Roasters’ Espresso Bites

From: honolulumagazine.com

Big Island Coffee Roasters has a lot of really cool stuff: barrel-aged coffee, coffee fermented with wine yeasts, tiny Maui Mokka beans, peaberry coffee. There’s even a Wild Hawaiian Coffees Club that you can join by filling out a few details (such as preferred roast level and grind setting), picking your subscription tier and voilà: fresh, member-exclusive coffees that arrive at your door every month.

The company recently sent me three of its Espresso Bites bars as a thank you for supporting them. They look like chocolate bars but don’t contain any chocolate—just Hawai‘i-grown coffee, organic cocoa butter, organic sugar, vanilla bean, sea salt and non-GMO sunflower lecithin. They were completely melted in my hot mailbox, but I popped them into the fridge overnight and woke up to a delicious treat that had me kicking with excitement (I only had one small piece, I swear. Maybe I’m just stir-crazy).

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