Construction nears completion on inclusive coffee facility in the Congo

A coffee processing plant in the Democratic Republic of the Congo is nearing completion. Architects from the University at Buffalo and experts in inclusive architecture are leading the project. It will include a training area as well as a cupping station, which is a quality-control method in which professional tasters notice the flavours and aromas of coffee beans. The coffee industry in the Democratic Republic of Congo is reviving, and the Lake Kivu region is an ideal location for growing high-quality coffee beans that can then be sold at a higher profit.

Since Lake Kivu is a developing coffee-producing area, the project is important. Every element of the structure was created to make it easier for staff with disabilities to complete their assigned tasks. The University of Buffalo team has been collaborating with the Coffee Quality Institute to develop a new set of architectural design criteria for coffee shops. They’re also working on a collection of architectural designs based on the DRC facility that could be used in other countries.

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