Native Root Coffee supports Indigenous Colombian farmers

The concept is straightforward: produce a high-quality product while paying a living wage. Nonetheless, coffee commerce, like the majority of industries, became more concerned with profits than with people. Native Root Coffee set out to rectify this situation.

Ervin Liz, founder of Native Root Coffee Company, has always had his finger on the pulse of the market. As a third-generation coffee maker raised in the industry, Liz not only has a thorough understanding of how coffee is grown and prepared, but also understands the impact and benefit of the industry’s demands on growers.

Native Root Coffee works directly with Indigenous Colombian farmers, emphasising fair wages for growers. This assists in removing intermediaries between the plants and the manufacturing process.

According to Native Root, “the average coffee drinker in the United States consumes between 2-3 cups per day, and Americans consumed an estimated 3.3 billion pounds of coffee last year alone.” While mass consumption necessitates mass production, Native Root is not concerned with quantity. Rather than that, the company emphasises the value of developing relationships with small-scale farmers. The relationship is reciprocal, with farmers providing batch beans and Native Root paying farmers at a rate that is 10-15% higher than the market rate. Additionally, the process enables a high level of traceability, allowing each bag of coffee to be traced back to the farm and farmers who cultivated and harvested it.

A selection of products made from Native Root Coffee.
It’s a link to the cup and a connection between consumer and grower. Native Root also grows its own beans, but it continues to rely on supply from nearby farms, thereby directly contributing to the farmers’ and community’s improved quality of life. Liz is a third-generation Nasa Indigenous coffee farmer who is passionate about the industry and wants to see Colombian coffee maintain its rich history while also providing a living wage for working families. This connection between farmers and consumers enables the company to fulfil its mission of making coffee drinking a more meaningful experience — not just through a better understanding of the source, but also through the production of high-quality, small-batch craft coffee selections.

The Native Root website includes an interactive quiz that assists in determining the best roast for your preferences. Simply select your prefered level of boldness, your taste profile, and your willingness to try something new, and they’ll recommend something for you. Additionally, the company offers a 20% discount on your first order, a complimentary sample bag when you use a promo code, various subscription options, and gift cards.

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