Khasi Woman Left A Bank Job To Brew Up Empowerment For 300+ Coffee Farmers


There’s nothing like the kick of extra strong coffee in the morning to clear the sleepy cobwebs from your mind! Being from Assam, I naturally grew up drinking tea, but as a working professional, I have come to realise that when it comes to giving a jolt to the system, coffee beans will always triumph over tea leaves.

Though my love for the fragrant teas from the great green NorthEast of the country will persist forever, I was excited to talk to Dasumarlin Majaw from Meghalaya who has established her own coffee brand!

Dasumarlin from Shillong is the founder of ‘Smoky Falls Tribe Coffee’, a company started in November 2015. Commonly addressed as ‘Dasu’, the founder’s special connection with coffee can be traced back to her childhood.

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