Honduras Allocates Funds And Resources To Support Coffee And Basic Grains Producers To Counteract The Effects Of The Pandemic


The government of Honduras through an executive order declared as national priority supporting food producers and agroindustry.

The measurement has no precedents in the history of the country and seeks to respond to the resulting challenges of Covid-19 pandemic, and to safeguard the national sovereignty and food security of the Honduran population.

Previously, President Juan Orlando Hernandez introduced to the Coffee National Council (CONACAFE) the “Presidential Coffee Bonus” project to finance the fertilization of coffee farms of more than 91 thousand producers.  Mauricio Guevara, Minister of Agriculture, detailed that the project consists in over 12 million dollars investment capital to benefit 91,400 families en 15 departments and 222 municipalities throughout the country, mainly targeting small and medium size producers ranging from 1 to 150 quintals of coffee grains.

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