Feature: Growing number of young Ethiopian women tap into traditional coffee as viable source of income

Ethiopia is known as the birthplace of coffee, and the traditional coffee ceremony, which uses only natural processing methods, is an important part of Ethiopian culture. In Ethiopia, the ritual of coffee serving and drinking will last for hours, and it is regarded as a significant social gathering for relatives and friends, as well as a chance to address community issues while sipping top-quality Ethiopian speciality coffee.

In recent years, an increasing number of young Ethiopian women have been flocking to the streets of Addis Ababa, the country’s capital, and other major Ethiopian cities in order to profit from the traditional Ethiopian coffee ceremony. These young women often serve traditional coffee in a makeshift tent-like coffee shop along the street, where coffee connoisseurs can enjoy aromatic and finest Arabica coffee.

“I just make my coffee here,” said Yaynalem Marew, 25, who serves traditional coffee to her customers on a residential street in Addis Ababa. “From roasting the beans to hand grinding the roasted beans and brewing the coffee in front of my customers,” she said.

Marew, a graduate of a technical and vocational training facility in Addis Ababa with an electrical installation certificate, had worked in two separate occupations before landing her current job as a coffee vendor.

Marew got her first job in a construction company right after graduation, where she worked for more than a year in her field of education. Her most recent work was as a waitress in a restaurant for almost two years.

“I was paid a gross salary of 80 birr per day as a junior electrical installation specialist (about 2 U.S. dollars). I was paid about the same as a waitress, but I was exempt from tax and other deductions “Marew remarked.

Marew’s loyal customers as a coffee vendor are mostly office workers and construction workers who work near her small makeshift store. “The number of my customers is steadily increasing. Despite the fact that the number varies depending on a variety of factors, on average, I serve about 100 cups of coffee per day “she said

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