You Can Learn Hawaiian Coffee Roasting Techniques from a Local Farmer at This Luxury Resort

The Four Seasons Resort Hualalai would like to invite you for coffee. A truly, truly exceptional cup of coffee.

The resort launched its collection of “Only at Hualalai” experiences in April, which, according to the resort, celebrate “the local talents of Hawaii Island.” A tour of the Watson-Kabei Coffee Estate, where guests will learn the process of coffee farming and roasting to create the perfect cup, is one of the unforgettable experiences designed specifically for coffee enthusiasts.

Dale Kabei, chief coffee picker at Watson-Kabei Coffee Farm, said in a statement provided to Food & Wine, “I’m honoured to be partnering with Four Seasons Resort Hualalai to open up our farm to visitors from around the globe.” “In the past nearly two decades, I’ve mastered the art of coffee farming and treat it with the care you would a family member. I’m looking forwards to introducing the Resort’s guests to the rich, distinct flavours of Kona in the hopes of creating lifelong fans.”

The five-acre farm in the renowned coffee region of Keopu is truly a sight to behold. With breathtaking views of both Kona and the Pacific Ocean, the farm is as enjoyable to explore as it is to learn about.

As for what gives the coffee its distinctive flavour, it is the volcanic soil and microclimate of the Keopu region that contribute to its singularity.

As part of the experience, guests will have the opportunity to take a private tour of the estate, where they may encounter Koa, the family’s oldest Samoyed dog and the inspiration for their signature coffee.

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