From Costa Rica to Szekszárd: The Journey of Bányai Coffee

In Costa Rica’s highlands, around Naranjo village, 200,000 coffee bushes are tended and harvested by eight to ten Hungarians for a roaster in Szekszárd. Sándor Tóth, a barista with international awards, moved to the coffee fields in 2018 and began experimenting with coffee cultivation and fermentation. The Bányai coffee farm currently grows coffee on 35 terroirs across three estates, with 13,000 planted last year. Maintaining the farm requires substantial labor, as Arabica-type plants do not grow tall, requiring harvesters to work in a stooped position in the hot and humid climate. The plantation is staffed by three employees, who work six days a week for a salary of USD 3 per day, supplemented by Hungarians who assist with tasks at the St. Anna estate. Tóth’s son, Mark, oversees drying processes and import-export activities. The Bányai Specialty Coffee Concept is supported by engineer Péter Cserta and a team of biologists to ensure the highest possible quality. The plantation offers many well-known coffee varieties and specialty offerings.

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