NZ Coffee Companies Help Flood-Ravaged Coffee Farmers In Rwanda


For a small country, New Zealand punches well above its weight in the coffee world.

New Zealand created the flat white, started many respected specialty coffee companies globally, and the country’s cool little capital city has the most cafes per capita in the world. But do we know where our coffee beans come from?

In recent years there has been piqued interest from the New Zealand cafe scene in coffee grown in Rwanda. While these coffee beans are often used as a single origin specialty coffee on request, you may have also been drinking it without realising.

For example, Wellington roastery Flight Coffee uses Rwandan beans as a component in all of their blends – that is, anything you order without specifying the origin of the coffee. In doing so, they have been a huge supporter of bringing coffee beans grown in Rwanda to New Zealand through supply chains that help producers receive stable, sustainable prices.

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