This Cyberjaya Café Is Purposely Choosing To Only Use Coffee Beans From Sabahan Farmers


If you frequent Cyberjaya, you may have come across BosCo Coffee before and maybe even bought a cuppa from them.

It actually started out in Cyberjaya Farmers Market, but after the demand for their coffee grew exponentially, husband and wife co-founders Don and Viviantie were able to open 2 Cyberjaya kiosks in 1 year.

BosCo Coffee is a social enterprise (SE) that works with small Sabahan coffee bean farmers to market and sell their products.

Don and Viviantie themselves hail from Sabah, and they’re quite involved with the B40 community.

Through these visits, he realised that there were highly skilled, passionate people in the community, but weren’t able to properly thrive due to a few challenges, namely regarding access to the market and understanding market demands.

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