Coffee, tea and a token for Covid heroes — why Kenya sent food aid to India

Last week, when Kenya sent help to India in support of its fight against Covid-19, there was a flow of angry remarks on Twitter. Almost all of these statements attempted to instil humiliation about an African country’s gift to India.

However, a letter from the Kenyan High Commission, which defined the contribution as a gesture to honour the two nations’ “historic and close relationship,” was completely overlooked in the social media frenzy.

Kenya’s cargo for India comprised groundnuts, as well as the country’s famous tea (6 tonnes) and coffee (3 tonnes). The tea and coffee, according to the high commision, were intended to offer a “refreshing respite” to healthcare personnel who had been on Covid duty nonstop, with the intensity of the second wave leaving little room for respite.

The employees were described as “heroes and heroines” in the message.

“The Government of the Republic of Kenya has noted that certain nations have shown their support for India by giving medical supplies, oxygen, and vaccinations. Kenya, on the other hand, recognised a unique group: frontline health care providers. These heroes and heroines are performing a wonderful responsibility by supplying Covid-19 patients for lengthy periods of time, sometimes even days at a time,” the message added on Saturday.

Kenya’s government commended the Indian government for providing “great healthcare services to Kenyans for many years,” in addition to expressing support at this tough period.

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