Costa Rican coffee exports grow 11% in May

Costa Rican coffee exports increased 11% in May compared to the same month last year, despite the fact that shipments in the first eight months of the coffee season were slightly up overall, according to the national coffee institution ICAFE.

May exports totalled 159,556 60-kg bags, up from 143,781 bags the previous month, according to ICAFE figures.

Costa Rican coffee exports have gained 0.1 percent in the first eight months of the current harvesting season 2020/2021, compared to the same time a year ago.

Costa Rica is one of the region’s lesser producers, but it is well-known for its high-quality beans, selling 80 percent of its arabica beans at rates that are higher than the global average.

The coffee season spans from October to September in Central America and Mexico, which combined produce nearly a fifth of the world’s arabica beans. (Alvaro Murillo contributed reporting, and Aurora Ellis edited the piece.)

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