The Best Fair Trade Coffees for an Ethical Buzz

If you enjoy coffee, you are in good company: 7 out of 10 Americans consume coffee weekly, and 62% consume it daily.

Additionally, more than half of all coffee drinkers in the United States are interested in purchasing coffee that is good for the environment, farmers, and communities.

This is where Fairtrade America, Fair Trade USA, and Fair for Life certification programmes come into play. These organisations use third-party evaluation and certification processes to ensure that producers adhere to standards such as safe working conditions, fair wages, good agricultural practises, and environmental stewardship. Some fair trade organisations also provide development funds, which are returned to farmers and workers so they can decide how to use them for community development projects.

Because we all have different tastes, it is impossible to find a flavour profile that suits every coffee drinker. Certain businesses, however, go above and beyond to protect farmers, communities, and the natural habitats of birds and wildlife. Here are our top picks for the best fair trade coffees, whether you prefer your coffee drip-brewed, cold-brewed, or topped with crema:
The Summary
Brooklyn Roasting Company at is the overall winner.
Best Decaf: Amazon’s Level-Ground Decaf Coffee
Best Value: Walmart’s Ethical Bean Coffee
Death Wish Coffee Co. Ground Coffee at Amazon is the Best Splurge.
Equator French Roast Blend at Amazon is the best French roast.
Birds and Beans at is the best shade-grown coffee.
Best Certified Organic Coffee: Tiny Footprint at Amazon
Coffee of the Month from Grounds for Change at is the Best Subscription Service.
Mount Hagen Instant Coffee at Thrive Market is the best instant coffee.
Overall Winner: Brooklyn Roasting Company

Nicaragua Prodecoop
The Brooklyn Roasting Company’s Website,
The company, founded in Brooklyn in 2009, has a devoted following for its selection of single origin and seasonal coffees. From the medium-bodied Nicaragua Prodecoop with hints of milk chocolate, apple, and brown sugar to the citrusy Bali Kintamani, you’ll find unique flavour profiles. The emphasis on delicious, high-quality beans and Fair Trade purchasing standards make it our top pick.

In addition to custom and espresso blends, Brooklyn Roasting Company also offers a subscription service. The website is informative and user-friendly, allowing you to select the best coffee for your tastes. The company contributes to local institutions like the New York Public Library and the Brooklyn Academy of Music.

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