Brazil Coffee Exports Fall Near 10% In June, Says Cecafé


SAO PAULO, July 13 (Reuters) – Brazilian green coffee exporters shipped 2.47 million 60-kg bags abroad in June, 9.8% less than in the same month a year earlier, exporters association Cecafé said on Monday, without blaming the coronavirus pandemic for the fall.

Exports of arabica coffee, the type preferred by high-end coffee roasters, fell 21.3% in June to 1.85 million bags. Shipments of robusta coffee, which is widely used by the instant coffee industry, were seen at 617,739 bags, 60% more than a year ago, said Cecafé.

Cecafé’s president, Nelson Carvalhaes, told reporters he does not think the pandemic has so far negatively impacted Brazilian coffee exports, blaming local short supply at the end of the 2019-20 crop year for the fall in June.

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