Uganda coffee exports hit 30-year record

In the financial year 2020-2021, Uganda exported a record 6.08 million coffee bags, the highest amount for a 12-month period in 30 years. In FY20/21, exports totalled $559 million, compared to 5.11 million bags worth $496 million in FY19/20.

June’s 618,388 bags worth US$ 58.56 million, which was also the most in a single month, bolstered the numbers. When compared to the previous month, June exports increased by 47 percent in both quantity and value, with Robusta exports increasing while Arabica shipments slowed.

According to the Uganda Coffee Development Authority (UCDA), increased Robusta exports during the month compared to the previous year were attributable to freshly planted coffee that began producing and was aided by favourable weather.

According to the UCDA, this was exacerbated by a good trend in global coffee prices in the last two weeks of the month, prompting exporters to release their stockpiles in addition to increased procurement.

In June, Italy was the largest consumer of Ugandan coffee, with 34.57 percent of the market share, down from 37.02 percent the previous month.

Germany came in second with 13.11 percent (14.36 percent), India came in third with 9.52 percent (5.00 percent), Sudan came in fourth with 7.81 percent (4.04 percent), and Algeria came in sixth with 6.28 percent (5.80 percent ).

Coffee shipments to Africa were 112,416 bags, representing an 18% market share, up from 69,349 bags (14%) the previous month. Sudan, Morocco, Kenya, Algeria, Egypt, Ethiopia, and South Africa were among the African countries represented. With a 61 percent share of Uganda’s coffee imports, Europe remained the most popular destination.

Due to poor export volumes, the value of Arabica coffee has decreased. Monthly Arabica exports decreased in comparison to the previous year, owing to the off-year biennial cycle that is characteristic of Arabica production.

The 618,388 60-kilo bag exports in June included 565,449 Robusta bags for $50.25 million and 52,939 Arabica bags worth $8.31 million. In comparison to the same month last year, quantity and value increased by 47.04 percent and 46.63 percent, respectively.

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