ICTSI South Pacific to boost coffee trade

ICTSI South Pacific has begun bulk coffee operations as it strives to become Papua New Guinea’s (PNG) coffee trade’s primary gateway.

South Pacific International Container Terminal (SPICT) CEO Robert Maxwell stated that the company is prepared to deliver the best level of service to PNG’s coffee sector.

SPICT, the Papua New Guinea affiliate of International Container Terminal Services (ICTSI), received its first delivery of coffee bags at its recently established coffee bulking plant. One of the country’s largest coffee growers, Monpi Coffee Exports Ltd, was the first to use SPICT’s newest service.

Monpi Coffee sent 320 bags of green coffee beans to SPICT. The container was destined for Melbourne, Australia.

“We appreciate Monpi Coffee Exports entrusting us with such a rare commodity,” he remarked. SPICT spent over a year obtaining the required permissions from state authorities and consulting with coffee specialists throughout the country.

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