Govt plans to scrap 80-year-old Coffee Act, bring Bill to promote industry

The Centre intends to repeal the current Coffee Act, which is 80 years old, and has proposed a new “Coffee (Promotion and Development) Bill” for 2022 in order to promote the growth of the Indian coffee industry.

Through a new law, the government intends to modernize the Coffee Board of India, which is responsible for boosting the production and quality of Indian coffee, pushing exports, and supporting the growth of the domestic market. The Bill is likely to be introduced during the current legislative session.

According to government officials with knowledge of the situation, the existing law was enacted in 1942 with provisions pertinent to that time period. Currently, numerous rules and regulations, particularly those pertaining to coffee marketing, are redundant. Moreover, the cultivation, marketing, and consumption of coffee have undergone a fundamental shift in the past decade.

“Therefore, a revised bill with comprehensive provisions aimed at promoting and developing the entire coffee value chain and facilitating ease of doing business would be beneficial to all stakeholders and the general public,” said one official.

“The new bill addresses a number of Coffee Board functional areas, including support for production, research, extension, and quality improvement, promotion of coffee, and skill development for growers. “Many of these activities were not originally included in the Coffee Board’s mandate, but must now be incorporated into its functions and authority,” the official explained.

The expansion of the coffee industry will generate employment and entrepreneurial opportunities throughout the entire coffee value chain, from production to consumption. Additionally, consumers will receive coffee of comparable quality to that of other nations.

The bill will also safeguard the interests of workers on plantations, in processing facilities, and in coffee-growing communities.

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