Yunnan using bean to perk coffee sales

In response to the global coffee bean shortage and rising prices, Yunnan province in southwest China has seized opportunities to expand its global business and exports.

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly impeded the prompt transport of coffee beans. Coupled with extreme weather conditions in Brazil, the world’s largest coffee-producing nation, coffee prices have continued to rise globally.

The exports of green coffee beans from Yunnan Nongken Coffee Co Ltd, a State-owned company, increased by 622.81 percent year-over-year and reached a record high in the first half, the company reported.

“The coffee market is on the rise this year, and prices of Yunnan-grown coffee beans have reached levels not seen in nearly a decade,” said Sun Zhiqing, president of Yunnan Nongken Coffee.

“We seized the opportunity to expand our business. In major coffee-producing regions of Yunnan, such as Puer, Lincang, and Baoshan, we reserved a large quantity of green beans earlier this year, which facilitated coffee production and trade later on “Sun said.

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