Fiji travel: The coffee business supporting communities through every cuppa

Luke Fryett of Bula Coffee discusses island life, creative hubs, and the cultivation of wild beans in the bush.

Before moving to Fiji, I owned a cafe in Tauranga. I had always associated coffee beans with the brown beans used to make coffee, but it never occurred to me that they are actually fruits that grow on trees. It was fascinating to learn about the entire process, from the cherry to the cup – it’s very complex and there are many variables involved in obtaining the ideal bean.

Bula Coffee also provides remote Fijian villages with a sustainable income. Our coffee is unique in that it is entirely wild-harvested; the beans are grown in the bush as nature intended, with no chemicals or additives, just sunlight, rain, and the goodness of the Fijian soil. The high altitude at which they are grown also contributes to their robust flavor.

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