PNG leader creates Minister for Coffee role

The new Cabinet of Papua New Guinea will include a Coffee Minister.

Re-elected Prime Minister James Marape has maintained the positions of a number of MPs from the previous administration.

John Rosso will continue to serve as Deputy Prime Minister, a position he assumed after Sam Basil died in a car accident just before the election campaign.

Port Moresby’s Papua New Guinea Parliament building. Ian Ling Stuckey retains his position as Treasurer, and William Duma retains his position as Minister of State-Owned Enterprises.

However, innovations exist.

Scott Waide, RNZ Pacific’s correspondent in Papua New Guinea, remarked that the newly established ministries were quite intriguing.

“One, Francis Maneke is the Minister for Oil Palm, and Joe Kuli is the Minister for Coffee.

“Therefore, these two commodities have specialized ministries.”

Coffee, along with vanilla and cocoa, is one of the most commonly grown crops in Papua New Guinea.

Also retained in Cabinet is Justin Tkatchenko, who becomes the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Richard Maru is reinstated as Minister of International Trade and Investment, while Don Polye, who was ousted in the last election, is reinstated as Minister of Higher Education, Research, Science, and Sport.

James Marape returns to the presidency following tumultuous general elections marred by allegations of election fraud, widespread violence, deaths, and significant infrastructure damage.

Marape, whose Pangu Party has emerged as the largest party, is expected to lead a coalition government comprised of at least 17 parties.

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