The Best Coffee Routes in Latin America

In the mountains of Latin America, the aroma of coffee can be detected. Its vast forests and diverse microclimates have enabled many nations to establish themselves among the world’s most important coffee producers.

Colombia and Brazil are the most prominent producers, but others produce the aromatic in smaller quantities but to high quality standards.

Over time, routes have been established for tourists to visit the various production farms in the region; here are some very popular locations in remote villages in the highlands that offer a great adventure for coffee enthusiasts from around the globe.

This iconic coffee country distributes its production area across 62 municipalities in the departments of Caldas, Risaralda, and Quindo, from which premium coffee is produced and exported worldwide. In a quarter of an hour, the traveler can tour significant sites along the Colombian coffee route that are also very enjoyable due to their colorful villages and surrounding natural beauty. The region features breathtaking canyons, a forest of banana plantations along the Quindio River, waterfalls, and natural pools.

The city of Manizales, which is situated at the base of the Nevado del Ruiz Volcano, is home to numerous coffee plantations, as well as places where visitors can find thermal waters in the midst of lush vegetation. Those interested in witnessing the coffee bean harvest should visit the region between March and May (first harvest) and October and December (second harvest) (second harvest).

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