Ethiopia: Solidifying Ethiopia As The Birthplace Of Coffee


My name is Alexander Abay Hizikias and I just celebrated my 25th birthday last month. I earned my bachelor’s degree in Economics from the School of Commerce at Addis Ababa University. I graduated in 2016 and even then, I was very tempted to get into business and I wanted to use my education as a foundation to start a business that would have an impact. Ultimately I wanted to help create needed employment for young people my age that needed their first jobs after completing their education. That was and is still important to me.

In addition, I wanted to bring value addition far from the poor quality products that are often exported from other nations within Ethiopia such as in coffee. And while I started my career in textile, I also decided to venture into coffee because I love coffee. While we know Ethiopia is the home of coffee, where it was first discovered, I feel we have not really realized our potential.

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