Wave Of Massacres Signals New Chapter In Colombia’s Conflict

From: startribune.com

Jose Manuel Mancilla was taking a break from his job at a local gold mine. So on Sunday he gathered with friends at a hillside home in his village of Munchique, where about 20 people were drinking and staging cockfights.

The 19-year-old’s life ended abruptly when hooded men began to shoot at the improvised cockfighting arena with machine guns and threw at least two grenades at the terrified crowd. Six men in all, aged 16 to 28, lost their lives during the attack on the western Colombian village, which is surrounded by small gold mines and coca fields.

Hours later, four people were killed in a similar attack in Colombia’s southern province of Narino. Video shared on social media showed men with assault rifles shooting at corpses floating on a pond.

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