CO2 From Coffee: Doctor Invents Calculator To Determine Coffee-carbon Footprint

Coffee has become an indispensable and inevitable component of people’s life, without which they would be unable to begin their day. If you’re one of those people, prepare for a guilt trip: a Cardiff-based doctor has devised a gizmo that reveals how much CO2 your favourite espresso releases into the atmosphere.

Calculating annual CO2 emissions due to coffee consumption
According to a Daily Mail story, the Omni Calculator device is a platform that allows users to enter the amount and types of coffee they consume in a week. According to reports, the environmental impact of coffee is calculated by analysing the effects of farming methods, milk production, and even the paper cups used to serve the beverage.

Once the calculator has calculated a precise quantity, it recommends more environmentally friendly ways of drinking coffee, such as using reusable cups, based on the consumer’s coffee carbon footprint. Lucy Zaborowska, the calculator’s creator, describes it as “very basic and user-friendly” because it concentrates just on the intake of coffee made with cow’s milk.

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