Coffee Board of India partners with Amazon to boost domestic coffee consumption

The Coffee Board of India has launched on Amazon four premium coffees under the brand name ‘India Coffee’ and two affordable coffees under the brand name ‘Coffees of India.

The packaged coffee will include both Robusta and Arabica blends from India’s leading coffee-producing regions, such as Karnataka, which accounts for 71% of India’s total coffee production.

The Coffee Board of India, which represents the country’s coffee industry, stated that its partnership with Amazon is anticipated to increase domestic coffee consumption and raise awareness of small and local coffee sellers across India.

“We are thrilled to partner with the Coffee Board of India to provide our customers with access to a variety of coffees of premium quality on This is in keeping with our mission to provide our customers with a variety of Indian coffee flavors at competitive prices and with the added convenience of safe and swift delivery. Indian brands find value in partnering with us and selling on, and this offering is a means of promoting ‘vocal for local,’ according to Nishant Raman, Director – IN Consumables at Amazon India.

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