Son La festival promoting coffee production

At the Son La City Coffee Festival, attendees engaged in unique cultural and artistic activities and perused booths displaying local coffee products.

They also had the opportunity to observe coffee picking competitions, which were held to encourage the community to collaborate in order to promote the sustainable development of coffee production in the mountainous northern province of Son La.

After 30 years of mass planting, Son La now has nearly 5,000 hectares of coffee trees and focuses on advising farmers on the utilization of new high-yield and high-quality coffee varieties.

Son La province is home to nearly 20,000 hectares of coffee plantations, the majority of which are located in Mai Son, Thuan Chau, and Son La city. In addition to planting new varieties, the province focuses on attracting investment in coffee processing plants and establishing a vast network of chains between farmers, businesses, and cooperatives.

Son La Coffee Festival contributes significantly to the development of agricultural tourism, with the theme “Visit the Son La coffee region,” in order to attract a large number of domestic and international tourists to the city of Son La.

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