Untimely rains spell trouble for Karnataka’s coffee harvest, planters seek govt intervention

Coffee is an integral, almost sacred part of many morning routines, whether you brew your own or look forwards to your daily walk to the neighbourhood coffee shop for a latte.

In some ways, the ongoing coronavirus pandemic has strengthened our bonds with (and reliance on) coffee and caffeine. Cinch Home Services surveyed over 1,000 coffee drinkers in the United States in September. 34% of respondents reported drinking more caffeinated beverages than ever before during the pandemic, with coffee being their prefered beverage.

The report found that remote employees consume more coffee than their in-office counterparts, consuming an average of 3.1 cups daily vs. 2.5 cups. Starbucks and The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf were voted the most popular coffee brands by coffee connoisseurs. However, some Americans are not reaching for their second or third cup for the bitter taste or caffeine kick — according to the report, 28% of respondents said coffee increases their productivity at work.

There are several steps you can take to optimise your coffee consumption and increase your productivity while working from home. CNBC Make It spoke with a coffee educator and productivity expert to learn how to maximise your morning brew.

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