Roasting Coffee and a Trip to Colombia

Salto Coffee, a locally owned and operated establishment in Nederland, Colorado, has grown significantly over the past twelve years. Owner Karina Luscher’s vision led to the establishment’s growth, with the coffee programs being one of its biggest accomplishments. Salto now roasts their beans on-site every week, featuring sustainable, fair-trade, organic selections sourced from around the world. In-house roaster Rob Langone visited Colombia to see firsthand the origins of some of their beans, which are cultivated by women coffee producers.

Colombia is one of the world’s leading coffee producers, and women play a key role in the industry. However, they face challenges such as gender discrimination, low wages, and lack of representation. Despite these challenges, women farmers in Colombia continue to make a positive impact on the industry, taking on leadership roles, advocating for fair wages, and improving the quality of coffee production.

Salto offers subscription options for their coffee programs, selling beans by the bag in-house and wholesale, and offering fresh food items. Customers can also enjoy a special holiday blend during breakfast happy hour, which offers a 10% discount.

Luscher is proud to serve the community for eleven+ years and is excited for the next eleven.

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