Colombia Expects Coffee Production to Reach 16 Million Bags in 2027

Colombia aims to increase coffee production to 16 million 60-kilo bags by the end of 2027, driven by a potential bump in production due to annual renewals of coffee plantations. The country, the world’s leading producer of washed Arabica coffee, experienced a 12% drop in its harvest last year, reaching 11.08 million bags. This year, coffee growers are expected to produce between 11.6 million and 12 million bags. The increase in production is expected to reach 14 million bags by the end of 2025 and 16 million bags in 2027. The coffee growers federation’s head, German Bahamon, believes that renewables and reducing the age of the coffee crop will lead to greater productivity. Colombia currently has 840,000 hectares cultivated with coffee, with around 540,000 families relying on it. The government plans to extend coffee planting areas to at least one million hectares and promote the planting of the robusta variety in some regions to replace imports. Bahamon estimates a global surplus of 2.6 million bags for the 2023-2024 coffee year.

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