What Is Coffee Fruit? Coffee Berries Explained

While the majority of people are familiar with coffee beans, they are less familiar with coffee fruit.

Coffee fruit, which is derived from the same plant as coffee beans, is traditionally discarded during the coffee-making process.

It has recently resurfaced in the world of health and wellness, where it is hailed as a trendy new superfood found in supplements, juices, and herbal teas alike.

This article discusses the nutritional value and health benefits of coffee fruit, as well as popular ways to incorporate it into your diet.

The berry
Coffee fruit is a type of stone fruit that the coffee plant produces.

It is frequently referred to by alternative names, such as coffee cherry or coffee berry.

Typically small and green, the fruit matures to a deep red or purple hue. The coffee bean is a seed that is contained within the fruit.

The coffee beans are extracted during the production process, while the fruit is typically discarded.

However, as new research on its potential health benefits emerges, coffee fruit is gaining popularity as a supplement and beverage ingredient.

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