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LA TRINIDAD, Benguet – The Department of Agriculture’s Cordillera Administrative Region (DA-CAR) office has urged local farmers to plant coffee as a supplementary crop to ensure their families have additional sources of income in the future.

Dr. Cameron Odsey, regional executive director of DA-CAR, stated that by planting coffee, farmers will be able to significantly increase the supply of Arabica coffee beans, which are currently in demand in local markets.

Additionally, Odsey stated that coffee plants will aid in preventing soil erosion on mountain slopes and will contribute to the government’s reforestation efforts.

He stated that operators of coffee shops prefer Arabica coffee beans due to their aroma, which entices people to drink coffee regardless of where they are or what occasion they are attending.

Although the region has been identified as a major producer of high-quality Arabica coffee beans, production remains low and unable to meet the market’s rapidly increasing demand.

While there are numerous backyard coffee producers located throughout the administrative region, Odsey notes that the volume of Arabica coffee beans produced provincially is still insufficient to meet the enormous demand from buyers both within and outside the region.

The people of Benguet are well-known for their coffee consumption, which explains why many residents engage in backyard coffee production.

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