Tata Coffee Board Approves ₹450 Crore Investment for Capacity Expansion of Its Vietnam-Based Facility

Tata Coffee’s board of directors approved the expansion of its Vietnam-based subsidiary, Tata Coffee Vietnam Company Ltd, at an investment of ₹450 crore. The expansion plan includes setting up an additional 5,500 tonne freeze-dried coffee facility in Vietnam. The current capacity of Tata Coffee’s Vietnam company is 5,000 tonnes, with 96% of the total capacity under utilization. The additional capacity, which is proposed to be added in the next two years, aims to cater to growing demand for freeze-dried products. Tata Group plans to increase its focus on branded coffee under its strategy of “building core categories for the future.” The company has seen double-digit growth in the coffee segment in the last three years, with last year’s growth of 31% and last quarter’s growth of 21%. Tata Coffee’s share value has improved by 27.44% YTD and 19.17% in the last year.

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