Top Nicaragua Coffee Exporter Halts Operations Suddenly

Nicaragua’s CISA Exportadora, the main marketer of Nicaraguan coffee, has suspended operations following the bankruptcy of its parent company, Mercon Coffee Group, based in the Netherlands. The company exports an average of 69 million kilos of coffee and has been criticized for offering technical and financial support to its producers. The Nicaraguan government, led by President Daniel Ortega, has offered support to coffee growers and is taking legal measures to ensure the company fulfills its obligations and facilitates the marketing and export of coffee. The government has stated that it is doing everything according to the Constitution and the laws to ensure CISA Exportadora fulfills its commercial and financial commitments. The government and sector institutions will also facilitate the marketing and export of coffee resulting from production and coffee harvests. The company was founded in 1950 by Dulio Baltodano and later by his son José Antonio Baltodano, who founded Mercon Coffee Corporation in New York in 1982. The company provides personalized services to customers in sixty countries worldwide. The National Coffee Council estimates coffee production for the 2023/24 cycle at more than 138 million kilos, with Nicaragua producing 240 million kilos, 3% above the previous season.

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