Unlocking Loyalty: How Brands Are Building One-On-One Customer Relationships

From: forbes.com

Cementing customer loyalty is one of retail’s biggest challenges. The first recorded loyalty program started in 1793, when a U.S.-based retailer distributed copper coins that could be redeemed in-store for discounts and merchandise. Trading Stamps, which started in 1891, encouraged consumers to collect stamps with purchase and trade those stamps in for discounts and rewards. Those types of programs worked well for retail outlets, but they left the brands to fend for themselves.

In 2017, Amazon revealed that Folgers Coffee, Peet’s Coffee, Pepperidge Farm and Ziploc were receiving “more than half of their Amazon.com orders via Dash Button devices,” and announced in 2018 that HP, 3M, Epson and others were joining the Dash Replenishment program.

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