Nestlé Introduces Roastelier On-Site Coffee-Roasting Solution


Nestlé has launched a compact coffee-roasting solution that allows baristas to offer hundreds of personalised coffee blends.

The Roastelier system is equipped with a QR code reader that recognises the coffee type and offers a range of roasting profiles defined by Nestlé and programmed into its database.

Through a user interface, baristas can personalise the roasting of the coffee beans and access several sensory profiles from the selected bean types to create their house blends.

Roastelier is also a service platform that provides tools and guidance to shop owners to differentiate and expand their offerings, for example by selling their own signature roasted coffee beans.

According to Nestlé, the Roastelier solution removes the hurdles that baristas face when trying to put in place a roaster in the shop: sourcing green beans, trial and error when programming roasting profiles, managing smoke emissions and reducing coffee waste.

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