Jameson Is Releasing A Cold Brew Flavor That’s Perfect For Your Next Irish Coffee

From: delish.com

There is a limited cannon of drinks that are deemed acceptable to drink at brunch. Sure, you can have a Mimosa or Bloody Mary, which are delicious, but other than that, your choices are slim. While I fully support your right to have a vodka soda with your pancakes, Jameson is coming out with a new cold brew whiskey that was made to take its rightful place on your brunch table.

Jameson announced that it’s releasing Jameson Cold Brew, a whiskey blended with the taste of cold brew coffee. While you may have spiked your morning cup of joe with straight whiskey before, this was made to pair with all of its flavors exactly.

It’s made with 100% Arabica Beans from Brazil and Colombia, so it tastes like toasted oak, dark chocolate, and, of course, coffee. The whiskey is made to be enjoyed in an espresso martini, on its own, or poured right into a glass of cold brew.

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