Coffee Grinders: A Beginners Guide on How To Choose The Best

A burr grinder is better then a blade grinder and is the best choice for both pour over and espresso style coffee. When choosing a burr grinder you need to consider price, time, and consistency.

Burr coffee grinders do an excellent job with coffee, so almost any one will do. However, not every burr grinder is the same, and they will different in those three areas I mentioned above. Taking an indepth look at each both blade and burr coffee grinders is the best way to figure out why a burr grinder is best for you.

What makes a Good Coffee Grinder?

Coffee is perhaps the most popular drink around the world. As such, it makes sense that most coffee drinkers want to have the best possible cup they can. This might mean getting coffee beans from a certain part of the world or from a particular producer.

This means you have to have a way to grind the beans and therefore, you’ll need to decide between a blade and a burr grinder.

Getting that perfect cup of joe will take more than getting the perfect bean. No matter how fantastic your coffee brewer is or how excellent the beans are, if you overheat them in the grinding process or if you get inconsistent grinding then the coffee will not have the flavor that you were aiming for. This makes getting the right grinder imperative.

There are two different types that you can choose from. You can get a blade grinder or a burr grinder. Both of these can work depending on your particular wants and needs but you will want to understand the difference between them so that you can make an effective choice.

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