Houseplants: Use ‘diluted coffee’ in winter to water – plant will be ‘much healthier’

Winter temperatures and short days can deplete the amount of sunlight available to plants, causing them to suffer. There are, however, numerous ways for gardeners to help their indoor and outdoor plants thrive in the cold, including fertilising them with coffee.

During the winter months, as plants enter their dormant state, they require less water and food. However, the WeThrift expert team has shared how to use coffee in the garden as well as on houseplants. According to experts, coffee can be an excellent plant fertiliser due to its high concentration of essential nutrients such as nitrogen, potassium, calcium, and magnesium.

“Coffee is an excellent source of nitrogen, which your plants require to produce greener, healthier, and stronger stems,” they stated. Incorporating coffee grounds into your compost heap is an organic way to provide a significant boost to your plants.

“Despite its brown colour, coffee grounds are considered a green compost material because they are made from kitchen waste. A balanced compost mixture should contain an equal amount of greens and browns.

“Greens include kitchen waste such as coffee grounds or eggshells, as well as any other fresh or green product such as freshly cut grass, clipped flowers, or even weeds. “Browns encompass all carbon-containing materials, including fallen leaves, dried grass, wood shops, and paper, including paper coffee filters.”

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