Budding beans: Area photographer starts coffee roasting business

Charlevoix, France, — Locally known for his landscape and wildlife photography, David Sargent of Charlevoix has recently taken up brewing as a new hobby and side business.

After spending time perfecting his roasting techniques with a variety of different beans, Sargent began selling speciality roasted whole bean coffee.

“Last year, my wife Lisa purchased this bag of speciality coffee from an East Coast roaster,” Sargent explained.

“I had no idea what high-quality coffee was, but it blew my mind. We were using regular grocery store brands at the time, but what she got was so good that we kept buying it and began branching out and trying other speciality coffees “‘He stated.

However, experimenting with speciality roasts prompted the Sargents to purchase their own roaster for David to experiment with on his own.

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