Tim Hortons Hit for ‘Overcharging’ Korean Consumers

David Kim, a former student in Toronto, visited a Tim Hortons store in Seoul to try its black coffee with cream and sugar. The cafe was known for its affordable prices and easy access to the franchise’s numerous chains throughout the city and Canada. However, upon entering Korea’s first Tim Hortons store, he found the menu to be more expensive than expected. A medium-size cup of black coffee was priced at 3,900 won ($3.97 Canadian), which is sold in Canada for $1.83.

Robert Lee, who used to visit Tim Hortons in Calgary, also expressed disappointment with the high prices. He believes that the brand’s prices are almost on par with other high-end coffee brands in Korea. Local consumers have discovered that the prices in Korea are more expensive than in Canada, with a medium-size cup of Americano being priced at 4,000 won ($4.07) in Korea compared to $2.79 in Canada.

The controversy arose after Tim Hortons opened near Sinnonhyeon Station on December 14, creating a buzz and attracting hundreds of customers. Two weeks later, the brand opened its second Korean store at nearby Seolleung Station, also in Gangnam District. BKR, a local food franchise operator managing Tim Hortons in Korea, declined to comment on the issue. CEO Lee Dong-hyeong announced that the company plans to open more than 150 Tim Hortons stores in the country within five years.

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