TIPA and ATI Launch Biobased Coffee Capsule Lid

ATI, a leading innovator in compostable packaging solutions, has launched a patent-protected lidding material for compostable coffee capsules. The lids, developed in partnership with TIPA, are made possible by TIPA’s high-barrier laminate, which breaks down into nutrient-rich soil within a few months when placed in a compost bin. These lids are suitable for all compostable coffee capsules and filling lines, including those compatible with the Nespresso system. They address issues such as poor sealing properties, delamination, inconsistent flow, no barrier protection, and materials migrating into the coffee. The lids are plant-based and certified by OK Biobased, achieving the highest accreditation of 4 stars, ensuring a carbon content of at least 80 percent. Both ATI and TIPA claim that the lids are fully compostable and can be disposed of in food waste bins in line with protocol EN 13432, aligning with the UK’s Plastics Pact and the EU’s upcoming packaging regulation (PPWR).

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