US Supreme Court to Consider Starbucks Case Over Fired Pro-Union Workers

Starbucks has been granted a challenge by the US Supreme Court to a judicial decision requiring the company to rehire seven union activists in Memphis, Tennessee. The workers were fired for supporting unionization, and a lower court found that Starbucks likely discouraged other employees from exercising their rights under US labor law by dismissing the “Memphis Seven” in 2022. However, Starbucks has appealed the ruling, and the Supreme Court agreed to hear its case. The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) found that Starbucks “unlawfully fired” the seven employees in Tennessee for their involvement in the union campaign. Starbucks’ injunction to compel the chain to rehire the employees was granted by the Memphis-based US district judge Sheryl Lipman, and this decision was upheld last year by the sixth US circuit court of appeals based in Cincinnati, Ohio. Starbucks denies wrongdoing and claims that the sixth circuit applied too low a bar by requiring the NLRB to show only “reasonable cause” to believe the company committed labor law violations. Starbucks Workers United, the union at the heart of the dispute, accused the chain of “seeking a bailout for its illegal union busting” from the supreme court.

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