Class-Action Lawsuit Alleges SF’s Philz Coffee Falsely Advertised Gluten-Free Products

Philz Coffee, a popular Bay Area coffee chain, has filed a class-action lawsuit against the company for misbranding and falsely advertising certain products as gluten-free, even though they contain gluten. The lawsuit, filed by San Francisco resident Ayaunna Martinez, alleges that she suffered a severe allergy attack after consuming a food product misrepresented as gluten-free at a Philz Coffee location in Alameda County. The lawsuit claims that she suffered substantial bodily symptoms and injuries, as well as lost money due to Philz’s deceptive claims. The exact product that caused Martinez’s allergy attack is not named in the lawsuit. The lawsuit also alleges that the plaintiff notified Philz CEO Mahesh Sadarangani of the false advertising but chose not to change it. The lawsuit seeks damages for the plaintiff and class members, punitive damages, and attorneys’ fees. A court meeting is scheduled for June 26. Philz Coffee has recently made headlines for closing its San Francisco corporate headquarters and moving to Oakland.

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