False Claim Starbucks Changed Its Name to ‘Vista Coffee’ | Fact Check

A Facebook post claiming Starbucks changed its name to Vista Coffee in Dublin Airport has been shared over 1,000 times in less than three weeks. The post shows pictures of a busy airport coffee shop named Vista Coffee, which is not a Starbucks operating in disguise. The chain closed a location in Dublin Airport, and a temporary brand called Vista Coffee is operating in the vacated location until a permanent brand takes it over later this year. The temporary brand sells Starbucks beverages in the interim.

A Starbucks spokesperson stated that there are no credible news reports about the company changing its name and no such announcements on its website. The Dublin Airport explained that the new coffee shop replaced a Starbucks that closed in December 2023 and will continue to serve Starbucks products until a local brand moves into the space permanently in March. Bluebird Coffee Roasters and Wine Bar will be the local brand that takes over the space as part of a revamping of food and drink options at the airport.

Starbucks continues to operate three locations in Dublin Airport, including a pre-security location in Terminal 1. The Facebook post was shared by an account that advocates for boycotting companies that support Israel. There have been calls to boycott Starbucks since October 2023 due to the company’s response to a pro-Palestinian social media post from its workers’ union. Starbucks sued the union over copyright infringement, prompting a countersuit.

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